Faidr supports our Broadcaster community

We strive to give our users more choice and control. The same can be said for the broadcaster community. With faidr, we provide broadcasters the ability to monetize their digital streams and create new revenue opportunities beyond OTA advertising.

How can you partner with faidr?

It’s simple. Reach out and qualify. Qualification is a painless process. In the end, we want to confirm your Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) and agree to payment terms. That’s it.


How do broadcasters get paid?

We take a portion of the premium-user subscription revenue and set it aside in a pool for broadcasters. From this pool you get paid a standard rate based on TSL (time spent listening) when users listen to your stations or content on faidr. Contact us below to qualify.

Broadcaster Pool

Portion of net revenue


time spent listening

Become a faidr partner

Become a faidr partner

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