Can I add a favorite station without playing it first?

Yes, just long-press the station on your Explore or Search page and you can add it to your Favorites.

I don’t see my favorite radio station in the app. How do I add it?

First, make sure you’ve searched the station name and/or station call letters in the app Explore page. If you’re still not finding it, please send a support ticket to [email protected], and we’ll get the station(s) added to the app. Please reference the station name and call letters in the ticket.

When will you offer interruption-free talk stations and sports?

We’re currently training our AI engine on talk radio stations. The goal is that these stations will be faidr-enabled around summer 2022.

The app says the station is not currently available?

Sometimes station streams have problems and are temporarily unavailable, or it could be a Wi-Fi connectivity issue – please try the station again, or if it continues, report the issue with the station name and call letters to [email protected].

Why am I not hearing any DJ talk?

Our initial iteration of the AI engine is focused on removing ads and will be expanded to include DJ talk in the months ahead.

I heard a song my favorite station would never play!

Please report the station, format and song title to [email protected].

Can I access the custom station Mixer for a station that’s not in My Stations?

Nope, you’ve got to select the station and see it in your My Stations list.

Sometimes, the station sound is pretty quiet. Sometimes, it’s pretty loud.

The station volume coming from streaming providers isn’t always perfectly optimized for sound – feel free to manage with your phone volume controls.

I’m having general issues with the app. How can I get in touch with someone?

Please reach out to [email protected].

I’m a broadcaster. How do I partner with faidr?

Please check back with us in early March when we’ll have our broadcaster program built out.

I love the faidr app! How can I tell the world?

Follow us on our social channels: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. And, yes, tell the world.